4 Tested Ways To Fix Pokemon Go Won't Download Nor Install Error

If you can't install Pokemon go on your smartphone, and you have tried some things, you still can't install it. Here is what you need to do, we're are not taking about clearing cache or deleting the app data, obviously you may have tried to do this. This are the various sure ways you can fix your Pokemon Go installation problems.

  • The phones most affected are usually
  • Moto Droid Force
  • LG
  • Samsung Galaxy

Follow the below steps exactly as shown here.

1. Check storage

The first thing you need to do to fix this Pokemon Go problem is to check your storage. You want to pay attention to your internal memory as that is where apps download from  store are stored by default unless your phone allows you to change the default storage to your external memory card.

Pokemon go won't install

Go to menu > File manager > Internal Memory, here check your memory if it's below 70%, if it's above 70% you would have to delete or move things from the internal memory to the SD card if you have one, the goal here is to free up your space. Now try to install the Pokemon go app again, it should work.

2. Uninstall some apps

It's proven that there may be some apps that are preventing Pokemon go from installing, if you've freed up your internal storage to 70 percent or below and it still won't install, uninstall this app "Board Kings" if you have it.

Goto Settings > Apps > select the particular app and uninstall.

3. Try downloading and installing with mobile/Wifi

This may sound somehow but it works, if you are using WiFi to download Pokemon go and it fails, try switching over to mobile internet or vice versa, this has proven to work on so many occasions.

4. Uninstall and Install fresh one

If you tried the above three steps above and you still can't download or install Pokemon go, uninstall it and reinstall another one.
For users downloading through other download stores apart from Google play store like the Samsung store and perhaps other apk stores, try to downy from the Play store.

There you have it, if you try all those steps above and Pokemon Go still fails to download or install, download and install another application, and see if the problem is from your phone. If you can't download any app especially heavy app nor can you install it after downloading then you have an entirely different issue as something is wrong with your Android phone.

But if you can download and install any heavy application, and you have tried the above steps and they failed, you only have to wait for a new update, which will hopefully take care of this problem once and for all.