Is Vector marketing a Scam: My Shocking Experience

 Is Vector marketing a Scam: My Shocking Experience

Is vector marketing a scam or legit? Well, read what Mr. Nicholas has to say about this, his first-hand experience.

The background

My name is Nicholas so little background before we get started. If you don't know Vector Marketing is the marketing end of Cutco knives, which basically means that they sell all of Cutco and there are no other Distributors. So just that background information in case you didn't already know. I'm going to be talking about my experience with Vector Marketing and how it went. 

So it started off about a month ago. When I saw an ad geared towards I would say like high school seniors in college kids and it was talking about a marketing position didn't really give any details about what it was, but I thought well, who knows I'll just click it clack and I'm an up or whatever to get into their system.

I guess. It was just a link you filled out a couple questions and then about two weeks later. Got a text message from them, which I thought was extremely weird, but I went with it and it was basically about scheduling an interview to get a part of the team which I was a struggling college student who needs money was definitely for so I filled out this second application and waited to hear back from them, I guess and I really didn't speak with anyone on the phone which probably should have been a sign that what I was getting into was not healthy or right but I got a text back from I guess one of the secretaries and it said that I was scheduled for an interview on such and such date at such and such time and they'll be super excited to see me go to this address and it'll be exciting and everything and so my naive self was like, all right, I can get down with this when the day came for my interview.

 I load up the address on my phone and get ready to go. Go to this interview. I'm all dressed up and everything. But once I get to wear the address sent me, I realize that something is wrong because I don't see anything remotely close to Vector Marketing like nothing at all.

There wasn't like a building or a sign or anything around. It was just some like a fast-food parking lot and I was like, hey something's up about this company, but I somehow find my way over to their building. I don't really know. It's not really big. Building it was anyways, but it was like two blocks down from where they had sent me with their address.

Which okay? No, that's not how it works. So I get there and what I get to is a like an old motel that they like ran down and turned into office buildings and not like it a nice hotel to hotel those like, oh glamorous. No, it was like some ratchet ass like the piece that was out of some horror movie or something falling apart. It was disgusting anyway, so Get out of my truck will the truck I was driving and go into this interview. And the first thing I noticed once I get in there is like there's nothing on the walls or like anything in the room. There's like one big bedroom, I guess because it is a hotel. There's just one desk for their secretary. I guess that was taking phone calls and another with pamphlets. It wasn't like anything on the walls if I got in there and they told me to go wait in a room and they'll they're having Group interviews today first off. This is the first time I heard about group interviews when they talked about this whole ordeal or text message to me about everything or whatnot. I assumed I was having a one-on-one interview with whoever was in charge of hiring but no it was a group interview, which I found out once I got there. I feel like it's important information.

I should know before I go to the interview but I mean whatever I'm still down this whole process or whatever. They don't really tell you what you're doing as part of the vector job or however, they want to Market it but they set you down and you have to fill out another application to take the interview which is weird because it's the third application so far that they are making you fill out to get this job. I already filled out to Khalid meet. You called me in for an interview. Why do I have to fill out another application or whatever I did it? There are about like five or six other people in the room and they did the same thing and then we handed with all of us tend in our Vacations to the Person in charge I guess. I don't know they didn't really it wasn't very organized or whatnot.

 Anyways, then they call us all back into the head person office and like status down all serious like and went through how we filled it out. And then after that, he said there's a next stage of the interview process and then he asked me if I have 60 to 90 minutes to do this second interview or group interview or whatever you want to call it. I don't know. They didn't really they weren't very specific on anything. And first off. I'm like maybe that's something you should tell me when I first sign up for this interview. What if I schedule this interview with like 10 other interviews and I didn't have that time what that doesn't make any sense this whole system doesn't make any sense. But I mean, I wasn't doing anything that they started I was like sure I'll stay for your demonstration interview, whatever you want to call it. All of the people pretty much all of them not pretty much that we're in the first

Round of applications or whatever. We're in the same room for the second 60-minute hour-long interview group interview. Anyway, so there wasn't really anyone cut this second 60-minute hour-long interview is basically just big infomercial about the products that we're going to be selling the cut like a penny and leather which let's be real. When am I ever gonna have to use knives to cut a penny? Like that's just unrealistic. It's doesn't make any sense. No, just stop just so they go to this. The whole thing and this whole time they don't say a thing about what we're doing with our marketing highest. I'm assuming this whole time that we're like telemarketers or something like they're hiring us to call people and be like, yo, you want some knives but no that's not really what's happening.

My final take

They just kind of gloss over the whole what you're going to be doing and just build up their whole vector company and Cutco company and this whole training process that they have is that's basically like an academy process, but they don't really say what

To be doing as members of the company. It's just kind of fluffed this whole 60 90 minute goes by and then he feels has a spill out on another sheet of paper, which is basically just like hey, did you kill someone like has you committed a felony? Do you have a car blah blah blah? And then on the back of this, it asked they asked to put like a bunch of people's names with phone numbers in case they want a job as well which this whole time to this interview they're talking about how Jobs and getting all the position at Vector is super lucrative and no one ever gets it and we're super selective on everyone and they don't really have that many positions available. But if they didn't have that many positions available, why would they ask you to like recommend more people to start working like that doesn't make any sense. So every fellow this sheet of paper or whatever they call everyone back into the office of the head manager guy. I don't know what you call them, but they call them back and everyone goes back into his

Office but one by one so like it takes flipping forever to get through this whole second third interview at this point, I guess I don't know but this was one on one so it kind of makes sense. So you go back there and he talks to you. Well, at least what he did to me is you went through everything and the whole. Oh, we don't hire anyone. We don't really hire people and you stood out so much about all the applicants' blah blah blah blah blah kind of bullshit, you know, first off. He told me that I had I got the position because I am such an extent a candidate but then after he tells me that I'm in the position he goes through the bubble sheet of like all that he had they had us do and when I filled it out, I accidentally put that I had like committed a felon which obviously I have jokes like he offered me the position without like questioning that I had committed a felon what no, that's not how it works.

Maybe you should not hire a felon, you know, I miss I did not mean to press that like a bubble that in or ever anyways, so then they told me I got the position or and that I'll have training in like three weeks the oh, yeah back to the stupid training thing. I totally forgot about that in the 60 to 90-minute interview. I don't even know if you want to call it interview is basically just an infant glorified infomercial they talked about the training that all the vector employees have to do and it's basically a three-day tell like six seven eight hours those three days.

Days of training about marketing and how to sell knives perfectly and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, but this whole training thing which is like a total of like 24 or 30 hours is not paid for you don't get paid to do that. Like it's totally you to show up for seven hours a day and you get nothing out of it. Which hello what kind of business are you going to go to where you don't get paid for training that makes no sense to me. No sense back-to-back till we're in the third interview. Come on, I just you said I got the job but you're not gonna train me for three weeks. I can't even like to get started on this.

This makes no sense. Whatever. I shook hands smile nicely said mine pleases and thank yous or whatnot. And then I was I got out of there like they didn't really give you anything that gives you like a pamphlet that was kind of shitty. Like it didn't really do anything. Well, get a hold of you when it's time to do your whatnot who are whatever I'm like, yeah at this point. I still said I'm still thinking that I got telemarketing.