Standard Bank Current Branch code And Contact Details

This is the ultimate Standard branch code, it's a universal code so you don't need any specific code on a branch by branch basics for various branches in South Africa.

Standard Bank Current Branch code And Contact Details

For the records Standard bank is a top leading banking institution providing various financial services in the country with many branches all over S.A. It is Africa’s biggest lender by assets. The main headquarters is Simmonds Street, Johannesburg.

About Standard bank

Quick facts:

Founded - 15 October 1862; 157 years ago
Location - Johannesburg SA
Available in - Africa, Asia, Europe South, and North America
Revenue - 142.9 Billion dollars.

Standard Bank provides various financial services to its customers, ranging from commercial Banking services, investments, insurance, wealth management, and private banking.

Standard bank universal branch code

With this code there is actually no need to find a particular code for your branch, its universal this means you can use it anywhere in the world, both for online services or for University. Unless otherwise indicated it is safer to use the Universal code if you're not sure of your particular branch code.

Standard Bank universal code is 051 001

Where to use these codes

- Online 
- For transfers especially international wire transfer
- For school processes 
- And other financial services they require this code.

Standard Bank contact details

There are 4 main channels to contact  standard Bank namely,

Website is standard
Phone number is +27 11 636 9111 or 0860 123 789
Physical address Standard Bank Centre
5 Simmonds Street
Johannesburg 2001
P O Box 7725
Johannesburg 2000

You can also contact them through their social network accounts, mainly Facebook and Twitter.


What about the other list of branch codes?

Those are codes for specific Standard physical branches in South Africa, using the universal code can get the job done even faster and effective. The time you would have spent looking for your branches' code will be better spent else.

Which are the fastest means to contact Standard Bank S.A?

They have various contact channels, but the one we found to be most effective are, physical address, phone number and email in that other. You'll get a response by using their social handles but it usually takes time.

Is the Telephone line free?
Standard call rates and charges apply.