Top BidOrBuy Alternatives With Buyer Protection

Bid or Buy is one of the top online stores in South Africa, processing thousands of orders a day, they have buyer protection but this buyer protection sometimes feels like seller protection as they tend to protect more of their sellers than buyers. It can be said that this comes with many benefits increase in sellers and products, with the disadvantage of buyer disappointment.

If you're looking to change the platform, you can choose anyone from this list, they are as good or even better than Bid Or Buy. What one should make sure is a system that the buyer is protected with the option of a refund if things go south, good communication, fast delivery or as fast as possible and quality products should be the Hallmark of a good shopping store, whether it's online or offline.

Some of the Bid Or Buy alternatives that satisfy the above criteria are international while others are local. Some are purely online stores, while some are a combination of offline and online. This means there sites in this list that has physical stores you can walk in a shop, or at least look at their products physicals before ordering when you're ready.

1. eBay 

Top BidOrBuy Alternatives With Buyer Protection - Ebay image

One of the best auction-bid-buy stores in the world, on eBay you'll have access to the largest marketplace the internet has to offer. Their model is just like Bid or Buy, you in, look at the products displayed check the description, reviews and the asking price, if you like it you bid for it at the end of the day the highest bidder wins.

You can access thousands of products provided you are connected to the internet with any internet-enabled device, be it a smartphone or a computer.

Why eBay

They are secure
They are well stocked
It's similar to Bid Or Buy.
It has strong buyer protection ( the buyer always wins)
If you feel that the product is not as described you can open a dispute which will be resolved fast, as eBay does not joke with its customers.

eBay is free to register, just register and bid, if you win to go ahead and pay, your product will be delivered to you in record time. 

There are some South African sellers on eBay, but the majority are in the US and UK. So you may have to pay shipping fees for items without free shipping.

2. Amazon

Top BidOrBuy Alternatives With Buyer Protection- Amazon logo image

When you talk about the marketplace don't fail to talk about Amazon, they are one of the best if not the best. Admittedly they are not an auction market place like eBay, but they have individual sellers plus companies than Amazon itself.

Why Amazon

  • Good customer service
  • Buyer Protection
  • Millions of products
  • Thousands of sellers
  • You have the luxury of choosing to buy from individual, company or Amazon itself.
  • Nice customer review and feedback system of the product.

3. Takeout

Top BidOrBuy Alternatives With Buyer Protection- Takeout logo image
Takeout is a South African based online shopping platform catering to South African cities and other countries in Africa. Takealot says they only sell quality products.

It might be true judging from the few ones we've ordered, but as with every claim you have to do your due diligence. 

Why Takeout

  • Buyer Protection as you're buying directly from Takeout
  • Quality product, they may not want their reputation ruined, so you get what you ordered most times.
  • Can ship to various cities in South Africa.
  • A variety of products, to choose from.

4. Mr. Price

Top BidOrBuy Alternatives With Buyer Protection- Mr Price logo


If you're looking for a place to get cheap durable products, try Mr. Price. They sell lower when compared to the rest. The only drawback is their inventory which is limited to only fashion, for all categories. 

Why Price 

- Affordable products
- Buyers can ask for refunds
- It has physical stores. You can walk in and make your purchases. You get to see what you pay for. 

5. Yuppiechef

Top BidOrBuy Alternatives With Buyer Protection- Yuppiechef image
Yuppiechef specializes in selling homeware and kitchen items. You can buy anything and everything that has to do with kitchen appliances here. Whether it 's a coffee mixture or water dispenser.

They may be pricy, but they are worth it. You can count on them to deliver.

Why Yuppiechef

  • Excellent customer service
  • Quality product
  • Well stocked kitchen and home appliances.
  • Ability to shop both online and offline as you can find them in major malls in South Africa.

Bid or Buy can be frustrating at times but if you're the type that can't buy from international companies like eBay or Amazon, then you have to make do with the list, as there are no like for like online shopping sites like Big or Buy with buyer protection. Other similar sites like OLX and Gumtree don't have buyer protection.