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How to use Online CPM Calculator

You can now see how much you are earning or spending easily and most importantly accurately. This online tool will help do just that.


About Fordigitalace online digital CPM calculator tool


Note: Before you use this tool effectively, you must know what CPM is. 


What is CPM?


CPM refers to cost per mille, which translates to cost per thousand visits, according to Wikipedia Cost per mille, also called cost per thousand, is a commonly used measurement in advertising. It is the cost an advertiser pays for one thousand views or impressions of an advertisement. And using this you calculate any CPM bases calculation.


Use this tool to find many things like 


- Total impression an ad have or will have based on CPM rate and budget

- Finding CPM rate of an ad based on total impression and budget

- Finding Budget based on total impression and CPM rate.


How to use 


To find Total impression of an ad


Goto the online CPM calculator tool section

Input your budget and CPM rate per 1 thousand. Then click on calculate.


To find CPM rate per thousand

Click on reset to clear the fields, now put your budget and then the total number of impression you got or expecting to get. Then click on calculate.


To find the budget

First reset the fields by clicking on reset. Then put in the total number of impression and the CPM rate, click on calculate. 


You see it's very simple to use. 


For instance here 


You can find the CPM rate, using the budget and the total number of impression you are expecting or have gotten. You have $300 and you got 400,000 impressions, just put in the two figure into the appropriate place on the tool and click on calculate to calculate the CPM.

Fordigitalace sample of online cpm calculator

You do that too if you know the CPM but don't know the budget, or you know the CPM and the budget but you don't know the total impression.

The above picture is the sample calculation some using a budget of $270 and a CPM of $2, you can see the total number of ad impression gotten with the above two variables. You can go on and try the calculator now. Atleast you get to enjoy accurate and fast data, this will help you greatly in your advert journey.

For webmasters and site owners, this calculator will help you know how much you should be earning or charging advertisers that wants to advertise on your website or online platform.

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